Mayor White Proclaims Houston Registered Dietitian's Day

Houston,TX 03/06/2009 - Mayor White Proclaims Houston Registered Dietitian's Day In Conjunction with the Oliver Foundation and ADA's National Nutrition Month HOUSTON, TX (March 6, 2009) - Mayor Bill White proclaims March 11, 2009 as Houston Registered Dietitian Day, which coincides with National Nutrition Month, the American Dietetic Association's national awareness campaign for March. Along with initiatives of the Mayor's Wellness Council and the New Year New You! Challenge, the proclamation encourages families struggling with weight issues to consult a registered dietitian and get help in creating a healthy, balanced life. Currently, there are nearly 600 registered dietitians in the Houston area. Houstonians that struggle with weight issues should be aware that they have resources in local experts and that it is wise to ask for help. For help finding a registered dietitian in Houston, visit, To find a registered dietitian in Texas, visit America now faces the possibility that this generation of children may not outlive their parents due to obesity related health complications. Obesity cost Texas businesses an estimated $3.3 billion in 2005, which includes the cost of health care, absenteeism, decreased productivity and disability. Unfortunately, this figure is on the rise. The Mayor's office presents Houston Registered Dietitian Day with the Oliver Foundation, a Houston-based non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity. The foundation is conducting a six-year longitudinal study with Baylor College of Medicine in Fort Bend Independent School District, following a group of kindergartners through the fifth grade, monitoring their BMI and other health indicators, in a "healthy school environment." The Oliver Foundation provides elementary school campuses with books, DVDs, classroom activities, posters and other materials to educate students on how to "Make Healthy Choices for Life," which is the key message of the foundation. All of the activities and initiatives of the foundation have come to fruition with the expertise and creativity of many Registered Dietitians. Recognized and endorsed by the Governor's Commission for Women, the Oliver Foundation carries the official state seal on the "CHOICES" poster. The Womens Commission has also endorsed the Oliver Foundation as their choice for childhood obesity prevention educational materials.

"Families should follow the CHOICES menu as a guideline - it is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. There are no magic bullets. Sensible eating, portion control, drinking plenty of water and exercise constitute a healthy lifestyle," states Deborah L. Woehler, MS, RD, LD, executive director of the Oliver Foundation. The foundation's CHOICES menu encourages families to "Make Healthy Choices for Life!" C - Choose 5-A-Day servings of fruits & vegetables H - Have more water and less sugary beverages O - Opt for healthy snacks I - Increase active play & decrease screen time C - Choose 3-A-Day servings of low-fat dairy products E - Enjoy a healthy breakfast S - Serve a smart portion size

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