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Activities & Photos

Jack & Jill of America
September, 16 2018 - September, 16 2018
Teen Board member Chase Provo recently presented at the Jack & Jill of America Carol Robertson Memorial Ceremony.
September, 15 2018 - September, 15 2018
Mehaa Amirthalingham, Teen Board Member, participated at the Oliver Foundation Booth , displaying Healthy Snacks at the WELLCON conference held at U of H, Sugar Land on September 15, 2018.
Hess Corporation Gingerbread Event
December, 05 2015
Teen Board members Sky Chen, Nikita Ghosh, Annika Gandhi, Summer Brown, and Jahnvi Jain attended the annual Hess Corporation Gingerbread Event as volunteers. They volunteered as receptionists, fitted chef's hats for the children, and also had lots of fun decorating their own Gingerbread men! Afterwards, they also got a fantastic tour of the Hess kitchens from the Manager of Global Dining and Food Safety at Hess, Randy Fournier.
Power Up Rockin' Resilincy 2015
October, 18 2015
Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board Members Bradlee Few, Nikita Ghosh and Jahnvi Jain presented a panel discussion Creating Change for a Healthier You at The Women's Fund Rockin' Resiliency 2015 Luncheon.
Judge Vanessa Gilmore Speaks to Teen Board
October, 11 2015
Judge Vanessa Gilmore, United States District Judge, was the guest speaker at the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board Meeting on October 11, 2015. Her presentation, “Staying Your Path” was extremely informative and enjoyed by all.
Women's Fund Body Works Class
July, 07 2015
Teen Board Treasurer Jahnvi Jain presented a Body Works class in Spanish to a group of women and girls as part of the Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency summer program offered in the Houston area. Body Works is a national program that was designed to help adolescents and their caregivers improve healthy eating and activity habits. The curriculum provides hands-on tools to make small, specific behavior changes to prevent obesity and help maintain a healthy weight. Participants made a healthy snack and enjoyed learning some Bollywood Dance moves from Jahnvi.
Teen Advisory Board Visits NASA
April, 12 2015
The Oliver Foundation Teen Board held their April meeting at NASA. Teen Board Parent Kerri Knotts Wilson, aerospace engineer, worked in Mission Operations supporting Shuttle and Space Station as extravehicular activity systems expert training astronauts in everything they did to go outside the vehicle. She was also deputy project manager for the new suits going to the moon. She was selected to start up the Constellation Program as a Chief of Advanced Development Area to architect and lay foundation of the future of exploration to the moon and Mars. Also speaking to the Teens was Jessica Vos, Human Health & Performance and the Orion HNTA Rep and Exercise Devise SM. Navy Seal and Astronaut Christopher J. Cassidy (Captain, U.S. Navy) shared his personal experience in space. He spent 6 months on the International Space Station and completed 3 space walks. He also received 2 Bronze Stars for several deployments in Afghanistan.
Should I Eat This or That?
April, 02 2015 - May, 07 2015
Teen Board Member Bradlee Few was recently awarded a $400 Healthy Choices Grant for her program, Should I Eat This or That, for 3rd grade students at Yellowstone Academy, Houston, Tx. Bradlee teaches nutrition lessons and interactive cooking demonstrations for the 3rd grade students. She encourages the children to make healthier choices, gain knowledge about nutrition and be more willing to try healthier foods.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
February, 07 2015
Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board Members, Jahnvi Jain, Annika Gandhi, Nikita Ghosh and Sky Chen presented at the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Voyage Conference held at the United Way.
Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition Annual Meeting
October, 18 2014
Deborah L. Woehler, MS, RD, LD, Oliver Foundation Executive Director, presented "The Effect of a School-Based Obesity Intervention on Academic Grades" poster at the annual meeting of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics held in Atlanta, GA ,October 18-21, 2014.
Southern Obesity Summit
October, 05 2014 - October, 07 2014
Teen Board members Kathrin James and Bradlee Few presented at the 8th Annual Southern Obesity Summit in Louisville, KY this past week end. Their presentation on Food Deserts in Low Income Urban Areas and Turning a Food Desert into an Oasis was followed with a panel discussion on Youth Perspective/Food Access and Advocacy with Diana Manee, Youth Empowered Solutions from North Carolina.
7th Annual Southern Obesity Summit
November, 17 2013 - November, 19 2013
Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board President Danielle Fournier, Treasurer Cameron Markoff and Teen Board Member Kathrin James were part of the youth leadership and presented at the three day conference. The Southern Obesity Summit (SOS) is the largest regional event in the United States with over 600 participants from the 16 Southern States joining forces to fight obesity.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
October, 21 2013
Dr. Craig Johnston, Baylor College of Medicine, Danielle Fournier, Oliver Teen Board President and Deborah L. Woehler, MS,RD,LD, Oliver Foundation Executive Director, presented at the 2013 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.
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